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Getting a little better about working on and keeping this site up to date. Added the names of fics and will be adding the links as soon as I can. Hope you enjoy what you see here. And please feel free to leave a comment.



Forgot to do updates here because my mind has been all over the place... so much to do and so little time to do everything in.

Going to try posting my writing here. It'll be nice to have it all nice and easy to read in one place.



An Torchwood ate what little of my soul I used to have.  Here's to hoping I can remember to do my updates more frequently.  I've also been super busy with the holidays and all that entails.  


I'm working hard on keeping everything up to par and worked on.  But with so much to manage... At least I've gotten back to writing again.


That's all from the Dragon for now.



Things are still going slow and I forget to post here, but I'm trying to get better about it.  With all of the side projects I've got; and trust me when I say that's a lot, I tend to forget to update everything.  I need to find an app that will do it all when I post to one location.  But then I guess I'd just forget where I post stuff even faster.  Not that I think a whole lot of people read this.  It's mostly here for my amusement I guess, and so that my friends can find pics of mine, and info, and stuff like that.  It's my first website/blog/photo thing.  I like it the way it is for now.  I'll change when it needs changing.  For now it suits my needs.  

I went on a train ride with my family last weekend and got the pictures up on FaceBook but I haven't got them posted here yet.  I will put up some of the better pictures, not all of them.  There's over a hundred.  And that's after I edited out a bunch.  LOL.  I love taking pictures.  It's fun.  Well, I've got massive amounts of work to still do.  I have a trip coming up at the end of the week and I'll be gone for a while... yeah... I need to get my tail back in gear.  

 Laters all! 

For now...

Updated: 10/28/2011


So, I'm still job or school hunting.  Things aren't going.  Good or Bad, they aren't going anywhere.  It's a little... stagnating.  But I just have to keep plowing on ahead and trying to find what I can and where I'm going.  Looking into trying to write a 20,000 words by the end of this month.  I found a site that pays and publishes.  I just only found it now.  On a lark.  I'll post more information on what I'm working on if it pans out.  Here's to hoping.



I'm currently attending Anime Oasis in Boise, ID to help a friend out and see people that I generally only see about once a year.  I'm having fun.  Look for my blog about it later tonight or tomorrow.

Got to meet Quinton Flynn and hang with Michael "Showtime" Colman (again, it's a yearly thing) and it's been lots of fun.

I forgot to mention I have Twitter, I don't use it a ton but here it is:!/chimeradragon



Many times and many places have come and gone and yet I keep looking for somewhere to do everything I want it to do.  Somewhere I can post my fics/pics/vids/stories... everything about me.  Somewhere on the internet I can call my own.  A place where I belong.  

 I had MySpace... back when that was popular.  But that went away.  Facebook feels so impersonally personal.

 This IS personal. And it's all about me, by me.  

 Well... it's also about my friends.  And the people that know me, but that still makes it pretty ME oriented.  LOL.  

 And this is where it will all begin.  I've made sites for lots of other things, but this is purely for me.  And it'll have a link to my other sites... later.  When I have the time.  At some point this century. 


I'm hoping to be able to post a fanfiction once a month on my other sites but I should be able to add more here much more frequently because I've got backlog to take care of if I want this to be up-to-date.


Laters all... for now.  




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